FIrst Class Kneads

Ahhh... the soothing sounds of a gentle soundtrack as you lay blissful beneath (draped) a soft sheet, cocooned in relaxing smells and dim light. Your troubles seem to slip away as seasoned hands massage your back and shoulders. If you've ever been to a spa to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage, you are familiar with this pattern. If you haven't, then you are in for a treat! Our "First Class" Swedish massage will be delivered by therapists who have been trained in various styles of relaxation and therapeutic massage and will utilize multiple techniques to create the rejuvenating and relaxing experience your BODY KNEADS. Massage therapy will also address many other benefits such as increased circulation, pain relief, fatigue, depression and anxiety to name a few.

First Class Kneads Massage

75 min First Class Theraputic Massage$65.00
75 min Swedish Massage Relaxation$55.00-$65.00
75min. First Class Kneads Swedish w/Aromatherapy$65.00
75min. First Class Kneads Swedish w/Hot Stone$65.00
75min. First Class Kneads Swedish w/Lower Back A$65.00
75min. First Class Kneads Swedish w/Myofascial$65.00
75min. First Class Kneads Swedish w/Neck/Shoulders$65.00
75min. First Class Kneads w/Reflexology$65.00
60min. Relaxation Kneads Swedish Massage$55.00

Hand/Foot Kneads Massage

45min Hand/Foot Reflexology$35.00

Our Kneads Couple Massage

75min (ea.) Our Kneads Couples Massage$125.00