“Knot just what your body wants - just what your Body Kneads”



If you are ready to make beneficial lifestyle changes, take responsibility for your health and commit to the healing process, I will gently guide and provide you with the means to do so. I know how challenging and intimidating it can be to leave your comfortable but unhealthy habits behind to stay the course, which is why I am very dedicated to helping you adopt a more health oriented approach to living, breathing, and being.

R.DeReaux-Byarski LMT MMP



As intuitive therapist, we are highly versatile and adaptable, and we take pride in our ability to sense what each body kneads and choose the right techniques for each individual client. The style depends on your objectives for your BODY KNEADS.

We can combine several techniques and often utilize energy work and reflexology. In deciding on a course of therapy, we carefully feel each muscle and explore it from connection to connection, looking for tightness, knots, or imbalance. We listen to the body and sculpt the muscles back into their correct forms so that they can function properly.

We have helped clients with diverse ailments- stress, TMJD, lower back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, and shoulder problems, along with an array of other body pains and conditions.

Which approach is right for you? Tell us how you're feeling and let's determine the most effective techniques your body kneads.

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What Makes us Different




We take the time to get to know our customers, ensuring quality support to fit exactly what your BODY KNEADS.

The Best Part of My Massage


The best part of my massage was attention to my back and feet, thanks for listening to my request. 

Jennie O


•  Appointment Only

• During your call please inform me of any medical conditions, pregnancy, allergies, prescription medications, and any special assistance requirements.

• Please come in hydrated. Drink plenty of water before the massage.

• Arrive 10 minutes early in order to have time to fill out necessary paperwork before the first session.

• Good Personal hygiene for all clients is expected and appreciated

• Lastly and most important leave all your cares at the door and relax.

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